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Mountain Pine Ridge Repeater Station...

The repeater station is located 32 miles away on top of one of the highest mountains in Belize.  The location is in one of the endangered pine forests of Central America, called Mountain Pine Ridge.  It is in a protected area designated as a national park.  It is over 3,450 feet above sea level, overlooking the capital city and half the geographical land mass of Belize.

Keeping this operation going demands a daily miracle of God's protecting heavenly angels and an unwavering determination through the years.  Presently, there are two young men working as caretakers.  One of them works for two weeks, and then takes a week break in town, while the other man takes a turn for that week.    The job is very easy, but also terribly lonely and isolated.  There are two diesel generators that provide electricity four hours every day, as well as twenty-two solar panels that provide the power during the rest of the day. Every month both generators consume a total of 2 drums of diesel.  Keeping this repeater station working costs $750.00 US each month.  This includes food, caretaker salary, diesel, and maintenance.

Thus far, the Lord has graciously provided the means each month to keep this repeater station going.  On September 27, 2011, the repeater station celebrated 11 years of broadcasting.  All praise and glory to our heavenly Father above.  However, continued financial contributions assist with making our burdens much lighter.

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